Aftermarket Parts

ICON Collision Services does NOT recommend
the use of aftermarket parts in the repair process for
your automobile. 

Aftermarket parts are not made by the manufacturer
of your automobile. Your insurance policy may
require that aftermarket parts be used in your
repair. Your ICON representative will present you
with the option of paying the difference between
the aftermarket and factory parts. There are several
options for you on this matter when shopping for
insurance. Some insurance companies do not allow
the use of aftermarket parts and some companies
also offer an upgraded policy that will allow for
factory parts. Most customers do not know what
their policy allows for until they file a claim.
Insurance policies are NOT equal.
Be aware of this when shopping for insurance.



For the position statement from the manufacturer of your automobile

Counterfeit Parts

Insurance companies may try to buy an OEM part from a vendor other than the local dealer. This practice is problematic as no one can confirm the source of the parts nor their legitimacy. See the following link for more information on investigations conducted by Homeland Security on the matter. Manufacturers have stated they do not provide surplus OEM parts to any retailer besides your local dealership.

OEM Parts Statements

Manufacturers have made an effort to educate customers on the many types of replacement parts your insurance will try to use in your repair. Take a moment to visit these pages linked below to understand the difference between Aftermarket, Like Kind & Quality, Reconditioned, and OEM parts. The parts that are installed on your vehicle are the difference between a safe car and dangerous car.